A word from our lead steward:

Dear Mindful City Community,

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and the difficult decisions all organizations are making to cancel and put events on pause, we, too, are postponing, canceling, and changing the format of upcoming events. We maintain our commitment to community and intend to support our continued connection through these VUCA times (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous). Feelings of isolation can easily arise. We are invited to notice the invisible lines of connection between us.  With the gifts of technology, we can meditate virtually in community. We can be reminded that we are in this together, even if we are not in each other's physical presence.


Check the Current Events page or Facebook page to get the links each week for virtual Being in Tune and our new virtual offering, Being in Community. We will provide information on local organizations that offer virtual meditation sessions as well. Many organizations, locally and nationally are offering additional community practice sessions. There is no better time than now to start or renew a mindfulness practice.


We will get through this extraordinary time. The changes we will experience as individuals, families, communities, a country, and globe are yet to be known. New ways of living will unfold month by month, day by day, moment by moment.  Cultivating calm, ease, and connection though the practice of mindfulness supports our inner and community resilience. Please join us as you are able.

May we be safe.

May we be healthy.

May we be strong.

May we live with ease.





Lynn Sipher

Lead Steward