The Big Picture

Slowing down. Accepting. Paying attention without judgment.

Friendliness. Kindliness.


These are just a few of the words that describe what occurs with the practice of mindfulness. Mindful City believes that the more all of us embody this practice,

the greater the potential to transform the culture of our community.


With greater serenity, focus, and awareness we can more easily work together on the big picture: creating social, economic, and environmental justice; promoting health and well-being for healthcare providers, public safety officers, educators, and those working tirelessly in non-profit and government organizations. Being more fully present, we can experience the beauty of arts and nature with all of our senses. By sharing the practice of mindfulness with our neighbors, our colleagues, and people we don’t even know, we create an invisible thread of connection between us.


We believe Mindful City provides a replicable model for cultivating mindfulness in communities beyond our own. We hope to support and join with like-minded communities to build a network that flourishes.  In our imaginary map, any community can choose to work towards and declare itself to be a “Mindful City.”