Forest Mindfulness Hikes

Jan. 27, March 31, June 9, July 14, Aug. 4, Sept. 17 (all 2019); July 15, Aug. 12 (2020)

Hikes including walking meditation. Learn simple exercises that can be done at any time to bring about expanded awareness and connection to the peace of the present moment. This guided movement meditation will be led by Julie Woodward, MA, MSW. Julie is a meditation and yoga instructor, U of M Health Educator, and Co-founder of Mindful City Ann Arbor.

Campfire Meditation

November 17, 2019

Hike to a quiet spot in the park and enjoy a brief sit around a campfire, mindfully drinking a cup of tea while taking in the crispness of fall giving way to the stillness of winter. We will hike less than ½ a mile and spend some of our time resting at picnic tables before hiking back. Led by Parks Naturalist Shawn Severance and Julie Woodward, Co-founder of Mindful City Ann Arbor.

Streamline Your Mind...and Your Closets: De-cluttering with a Mindful Approach

October 30, 2019

Julie Woodward, co-founder of Mindful City Ann Arbor presented with Molly Boren from Simplicity Works at a workshop presented through the Washtenaw Women’s Exchange. Participants walked away with a plan to create a more pleasant, useful, and organized space and mind!

Mindful Decluttering Workshops

May 4, 2019

Workshop leaders Molly Boren, Certified Professional Organizer, founder of Simplicity Works Organizing in Ann Arbor, and Julie Woodward, MSW, Mindfulness and Coach, and cofounder of Mindful City Ann Arbor, presented a  personalized action plan for decluttering. More info here.

Mindfoolness of Listening

3rd straight year!

​On April 7, 2019, for the third year in a row, after the Festifools event, Mindful City Ann Arbor invited the public to join in a mindfool listening meditation. 

Mindfulness of Tea at Sweetwater's

October 17, 2018

Mindful City Ann Arbor members, Rita Benn and Lynn Sipher, shared introductory information about the benefits of mindfulness meditation and lead a practice of drinking tea mindfully.  

Shinrin-Yoku Meadow Mindfulness Hike

June 23, July 22, September 30, October 28 (2018); Jan. 27, March 31 (2019)

Washtenaw County Parks Naturalist Shawn Severence and Julie Woodward, from Mindful City Ann Arbor, led an enthusiastic group through County Farm Park where participants alternated between silent walking and pausing for discussion of the experience.

ICPJ & Mindful City workshop: Mindfulness and Compasssion

October 22, 2017, July 29, October 28, 2018

The Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice and Mindful City collaborated to offer a well received 3-hour workshop on mindfulness and compassion. Mindfulness and compassion practices are the foundations for skillful action. This workshop supports Ann Arbor's affiliation with the Charter for Compassion movement.

Just One Bite

June 18, 2017

Experienced mindfulness teachers from Mindful City Ann Arbor invited the foodies at Taste of Ann Arbor to join them upstairs at Crazy Wisdom Book Store for a facilitated experience in mindful eating.

Being in Tune

Tuesdays, 12:00 - 12:30pm The Ark

Since June of 2015 Mindful City, The Ann Arbor Center for Mindfulness and the Ark have collaborated to offer a weekly 1/2 hour sit. Free of charge and open to the public, this sit has no religious affiliation and is led by experienced meditation instructors. No experience necessary.

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